Delhi Chapter

For a decade now, the Delhi Office of the IIEST Federation has been the primary hub for fostering innovation, awareness, and collaboration. It has been unwavering in its commitment to serving the community by offering essential services such as food safety training and hygiene audits, ensuring the safety and quality of our food supply. Moreover, its provision of co-working spaces has been a catalyst for the growth of startups and entrepreneurs in the region. As the central pillar of the IIEST Federation's mission, this office has played a pivotal role in bridging the gap between government and citizens, making knowledge, innovation, and government resources accessible to all.

The establishment of the IIEST Federation chapter in Delhi marks a significant milestone in the realm of entrepreneurship, and public welfare. Beyond these valuable services, the IIEST Federation serves a crucial role as a bridge between the government and the citizens of India. It exemplifies the Federation's mission to connect the aspirations, talents, and concerns of the people with the resources, policies, and support of the government. This synergy enhances civic engagement, fostering an environment where awareness, innovation, and public interest converge for the greater good. As the Delhi chapter of the IIEST Federation thrives, it not only empowers individuals and startups but also strengthens the bonds between the government and its citizens, driving progress and innovation for the nation.

Chapter Director

Aditi Kulshrestha

FSSAI Project Manager
Joint Director

Swatantra Kumar Tripathi

Sr. Project Associate

Our Headquarters

IIEST Federation:
Building No-55, Panchkuian Marg,
Opp.Metro Pillar No-6,
Near-Ramakrishna Ashram Metro Station,
Connaught Place, New Delhi,
Phone: (91) 9599195100
Landline No1: (011) 46081145
Landline No2: (011) 43511788