Telangana Chapter

In a significant development that promises to elevate both awareness and public welfare, a new chapter under IIEST Federation has opened its doors in Telangana.

This chapter is set to provide not only comprehensive food safety training but also hygiene audits, addressing crucial aspects of public health and the food industry. As we stand at the intersection of education and safety, this initiative underscores the IIEST Federation's commitment to fostering excellence and innovation. It is not merely an food safety endeavor, it is a testament to the IIEST Federation's role as a bridge between the government of India and its citizens. It signifies that the Federation is a vital conduit that connects the needs of the people with the policies, resources, and guidance of the government. In essence, it strengthens the relationship between the government and its citizens, ensuring that knowledge and expertise are harnessed for the betterment of society. With the opening of this chapter, Telangana takes a giant stride towards becoming a single window system, uniting its people with the nation's governance and progress.

Chapter Director

Joint Director